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Lighting tracks

Unipro® lighting track system offers both surface and recessed lighting track with mounting accessories and adapters.

Track consists of an extruded aluminium profile which also functions as earth conductor and two inserted plastic profiles carrying four 2.5 mm2 copper conductors; three phase conductors and one neutral conductor. Standard lengths are 2, 3 and 4 m, but profile can be easily cut to length on site. There’s no need to bend or tool conductors after cutting.

Unipro® lighting track’s design makes it possible to use the most common 3-circuit Multi- and Universal adapters on track.

unipro_kokoonpano_1.jpg | 767kb | 3299x1497

T32, T33, T34

3-circuit surface trakcs MCU3 Middle connections
T32F, T33F, T34F 3-circuit recessed tracks PB Pendant brackets
A100 Power take-off adapters PBA Adjustable pendant brackets
A70 Universal adapters PC Pendant couplers
ALC3 Adjustable corners SC Suspension clamps
CB3 Ceiling brackets with cup SH Suspension hook
CP3 Cover plates TA3 T-pieces
CS3 Cover strip TFRW Tube for threaded rod
CU3 Connection units TRM6 Threaded rod M6
EC3 End caps WB Wall brackets
ENM6 Extension nut WS Wire suspension sets
JU3 Jointing unit XA3 X-pieces
LC3 L-corners