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Unipro Oy Ltd

Unipro Oy Ltd. is a Finnish company designing, manufacturing and supplying Unipro® lighting track products, including 3-circuit lighting tracks, adapters and mounting accessories. Our undeniable strengths include a customer-oriented approach, strong product development expertise as well as a high level of quality.

Unipro Oy Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Propria Group, a privately-owned Finnish company, whose another subsidiary, Meka Pro Oy, is one of the leading cable support system providers in the Nordic countries, having its major market in Finland, Sweden, Russia and the Baltic states.

Head office of the company is located in Oulu, Finland.

- Intelligent solutions for lighting


Unipro lighting track solution is an ideal choice for lighting in public and commercial buildings, office premises, shops, trade centres and museums. High quality Unipro lighting tracks and accessories are versatile, offering flexibility in sizing, placement and fixture styles, which allows putting the light exactly where it is needed.

Unipro lighting track system includes 3-circuit lighting tracks and adapters as well as a wide range of connectors and suspension parts - everything that is needed for a smart solution. Due to the universality and the modular structure of the system it is easy to extend and adapt to various customer needs. The tracks are easy to cut to the needed length on-site, easy to install and easy to connect, which results in overall cost savings in installation work.