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We believe that unipro® is the best choice when you are planning modern interior premises where sophisticated lighting is valued.

Unipro Oy Ltd. is a Finnish company that designs, manufactures and supplies unipro® lighting track products.

Our undeniable strengths are a customer-oriented approach and strong product development expertise, as well as a high level of quality. We increasingly supply products to more than 40 countries globally, with Europe being our main market. Unipro’s business has been growing strongly and steadily for several years.

Unipro Oy Ltd. belongs to the privately owned Propria Group, which have been operating for over 60 years. Propria Group companies employ more than 100 people in seven countries and have an annual turnover of some MEUR 30.

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unipro® Sales and Customer Support

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Our email addresses are in the form of firstname.lastname@unipro.fi 

Sales Director, Middle Europe, Middle East and Asia Risto Kasper
  • Risto Kasper
  • Sales Director, Middle Europe, Middle East and Asia
  • +358 45 214 1718

Head of Sales, DACH Denis Schwartz
  • Denis Schwartz
  • Head of Sales, DACH
  • +49 1522 418 6776

Area Sales Manager,  Finland Teija Haapa-aho
  • Teija Haapa-aho
  • Area Sales Manager, Finland
  • +358 207 450 880

Sales manager, Lithuania Raimondas Kakarikas
  • Raimondas Kakarikas
  • Sales manager, Lithuania
  • +370 611 10971

Logistics Coordinator Alena Zaitceva
  • Alena Zaitceva
  • Logistics Coordinator
  • +358 207 450 857

Chief Operating Director Antti Vuola
  • Antti Vuola
  • Chief Operating Director
  • +358 40 588 1626

unipro® Sales Offices


Vernissakatu 6
FI-01300 Vantaa

Orders, delivery and logistics:

Tel.: +358 207 450 857
Fax: +358 207 450 810
Konetie 25
FI-90620 Oulu