Founded in 2000, Rituals is a unique luxury lifestyle brand with a passion for transforming everyday routines into more meaningful experiences. Rituals was the first brand in the world to combine Home & Body cosmetics. Inspired by natural ingredients and ancient Eastern beauty traditions, Rituals aims to produce inspiring products for the care of the body and the home.

Rituals stores combine that same coherent mixture as do their products: elegant Eastern design with an earthy touch and colour range. To complete the look, Rituals stores have minimalistic lighting tracks that do not steal the attention from the items on display. In-store lighting is planned by Lichtplanners, Unipro’s designated partner in the Netherlands.

“Due to our years of experience in lighting and lighting tracks, we have chosen Unipro to be part of Lichtplanners’ strategic product portfolio. Unipro’s highly automated production line guarantees high quality products, and the flexible service, with fast deliveries around the world, is the best in the market,” states Joost Simons, Operational Manager for Lichtplanners.

To be able to achieve impressive growth and to keep to schedule, Rituals needs excellent partners. Unipro is proud to be one of them.

“As a buyer, Unipro is my favourite supplier. They have great stock, so we always benefit from fast deliveries. The people are very kind, helpful and flexible. I love working with them!” says Léonie de Lange, a buyer for Lichtplanners.

Lichtplanners brings light to life in various environments. With sophisticated lighting plans and products, the company strengthens the appeal of products and creates an atmosphere on the shop floor. Lichtplanners’ expertise increases store traffic and stimulates buying behaviour.