The Green Gate in Gdańsk, Poland

Built between 1565-1568 next to the river Motława, the biggest gate in the city of Gdańsk. In the past The Green Gate was used as a meeting place for merchant community representants and as an armory. Later, the 300 square meter second floor room was transformed to be used as a banquet interior also during royal visits.

Nowadays The Green Gate is a part of the National Museum in Gdańsk, where temporary exhibitions of old and modern, Polish and foreign art are presented. It is also used for art related meetings and concerts.

Sławomir Wojtaś – founder and CEO of Zakłady Artystyczne ART, who was responsible for lighting design and delivery of a full lighting solution for the upcoming exhibition named “New Sensitivity” says:

“A place with a long history written in walls, floors and ceilings demands a solution which will not affect the shape or character of the interior.”

In cooperation with Unipro, a full refurbishment of the existing lighting installation was prepared by Zakłady Artystyczne ART. Not only to fit the visual side, but also to meet the expectation of temporary, changing exhibition set up.

“The installation has to be flexible, each pieces of art needs different lighting. Using Unipro lighting tracks with DALI makes it futureproof, easy to modify and manage. It allows us to adjust to the upcoming exhibition faster and with a better effect. Unipro was our choice due to outstanding service provided from the very beginning of our cooperation and excellent quality product delivered on time .” says Sławomir Wojtaś from ART.

Zakłady Artystyczne ART was established in the 70s’ in Gdańsk, Poland. They are specialized in professional lighting technology for highly challenging works of art and typography. Throughout the years they have delivered various lighting solutions for art, museums and exhibitions, focusing on detailed needs of customers and quality of lighting solutions.