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unipro® technical and commercial material

Here are listed some of our materials, both technical and commercial. Hope you find these files useful for your project.

If you are missing some information, please contact [email protected] or your unipro® sales contact - we will help you out.

unipro® product catalog (.PDF):

unipro® product catalogue (ENG)

unipro® katalog (GER)

unipro® tuoteluettelo (FIN)

unipro® brochure (.PDF):

unipro® Control-DALI brochure (ENG) 

unipro® Adapter Series brochure (ENG)

System overview (.PDF):

unipro® 3-phase lighting track system

unipro® Control-DALI lighting track system

Certificates (.PDF):

EC Declaration of Conformity

EC Declaration of Conformity T3 track system

EC Declaration of Conformity unipro A75 A90 A100

EC Declaration of Conformity A80BT

FI Certificate

FI Certificate by SGS FI 30314 M1 TC3 Series

FI Certificate by SGS FI 29405 A1 Unipro T3 Series

FI Certificate by SGS  FI 30126 A75 adapter

FI Certificate by SGS 30537 A90 A90C adapter

FI Certificate by SGS FI 29973 A100

Instructions (.PDF):

unipro® installation instructions, 3-phase and DALI system

unipro® installation instructions, A75 adapter

unipro® installation instructions/asennusohje/installationsanvisning, A90/A90C adapter

unipro® installation instructions, A100 adapter